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Lanai Health Talk Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits of

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits of

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits of

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. In general, the earlier (or higher on the page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users.

SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines. This gives a website web presence.

The term "search engine friendly" may be used to describe website designs, menus, content management systems, images, videos, shopping carts, and other elements that have been optimized for the purpose of search engine exposure, and may include Social Media or smart phone campatible features or programming components.  Source: Wikipedia

Benefits of SEO

Higher (or earlier) page ranking, Better search results from a variety of search engines, High ROI- Return On Investment, Cost-Effective, Targeted Traffic, Increase Brand Visibility, Higher Sales, Long Term Positioning, Seach Engine Accessibility, Multi-Browser Compatibility, Increased Page compatibility, Availability 24/7/365.

Challenges of SEO:

Many people with small businesses who manage their own website presence don't know the benefits or methods Search Engine Optimization.  (SEO)  Larger companies will dedicate staff and resources into the art  of making their websites be indexed by major search engines and show up at at the top of the page when people are looking for them from a variety of search calls.  There are many tricks and tools to keep track of changing search criteria, and they take a committed budget and personnel to stay on top of it all.

But no amount of money or talent can buy the kind of SEO value of being legitimately connected to a large and well established website that is already indexed and constantly crawled by search engines for changing data base and content like Hawaii Health Guide!

Long Term Positioning; Stabilized Positioning of Site.'s 14 major English & Japanese portals has been indexed for the past 10 years. Updated daily with new Directory Listings, events, and an RSS newsfeed, it is tracked globally by Google News and other major search engines for information about Hawaii. This is called Stabilized Positioning of Site.

Our SEO is achieved by positioning the website in a stable manner by updating it regularly with legitimate content. Hawaii Health Guide is recognized internationally through affiliation with it's many URL's and validated information resulting in good rankings from Google and other search engines.

Not Just a Link

Sure it's a benefit to have a link from but having your Business Listing, Featured Lisitng, events and article on's established Directory, Event Calendar, and News portals exponentially increases your website rankings. We've seen rankings improve as quickly as 48 hours though it typically takes a few weeks for the search engines to archive your new page and links to your site.  

Although thousands of people view and click on Hawaii Health Guide every day, your best ROI (Return on Investment) from your annual Hawaii Health Guide listing, may actually be the Search Engine Optimization benefits to your own website.  

Several larger companies choose to advertise on Hawaii Health Guide not so much for the web presence of their directory listing, but for the very inexpensive SEO benefits that come with their listing being included in a large, active data base. This is the kind of structure that Google and Yahoo and other search engines are looking for when they index the web.

Professional Association

One of the under touted benefits of having a listing on Hawaii Healing Guide is the instant cache that it gives your personal business website.

Your price of a listing starting at only $250 a year, may be the best investment you can make in your own website, and it only gets better over time.

When you follow proper promotion and marketing techniques such as getting your ULR and text content connected to a large data base such as Hawaii Health Guide, the targeted traffic for your website increases and thereby the Return on Investment gets increased.

With your business listing on Hawaii Health Guide, which includes text and your URL and contact information and images, the promotion for your site never fades. It is always available each time the search engines crawl the web. The SEO techniques will follow for promoting your site don't fade, but are enhanced with time. The only way it fades is if the ULR is removed from the site and the link connection to Hawaii Health Guide is broken.   

With Hawaii Health Guide the traffic of your website never depreciates and the increase in traffic and life of website is sure to enhance the benefit of your own website and all you have invested in that product and marketing.

Just another benefit of having your business in Hawaii listed on Hawaii Health Guide. We work hard to help the community find you, so you can help them too.

Hawaii Health Guide is helping nurture and grow healthy businesses in Hawaii.  

Stay connected, let the internet work for you 24/7/365. With Hawaii Health Guide's annual low renewal rates, how can you not afford the fringe SEO benefits of your listing

Further benefits of a Featured Listing:Hawaii Health Guide Featured Listings

1. Not only does anyone searching for anything on your island's (or the All Islands) directory see your image and headline on the right hand side, but the SEO benefits are fantastic...

In addition to the island page, your listing information and URL is listed on every directory page in the English and mirrored Japanese sites. That is over 40 specific websites with a Featured Listing on Hawaii Health Guide.  (see below)

More about featured listings here:

TIPS for your Hawaii Health Guide SEO Benefits:

It's all about keywords - the words people are most likely to use to find your business. Chances are, they're not typing in "Puakenikeni Aloha Deli" but they might be looking for "Kailua Organic Restaurant."

1. Use keywords in your title.

2. Use more keywords in your short description.

3. Repeat keywords in your text.

4. If you use Hawaiian pronunciation, (like Hawai'i ) be sure and put it in plain 'ole english too, search engines don't understand okinas very well yet.


When creating your text for the website, be sure to use, and re-use, the words you'd like to be found under. (This will happen naturally, if you're talking about yourself and what you do.)

To update your website text as you renew, simply email

Hawaii Health Guide  tracks traffic in many ways including daily, weekly. monthly and annual HHG search stats.

We also provide a specific stat report based on your listing ID number which is available upon request with breakout reports for the english and sites(See chart on right)

Below we offer you a snap shot of the type of DIRECTORY STATISTICS reports we track daily:
The week of Sun Jul 10, 2011 to Sat Jul 16, 2011 (note search stats changes daily and have seasonal trends)


=============================================Example of HHG member Stat report for listing


The week of Sun Jul 10, 2011 to Sat Jul 16, 2011
1. All Islands (5653)
2. Big Island (3282)
3. Kauai (3008)
4. Oahu (2744)
5. Maui (2663)
6. Molokai (2521)
7. Lanai (1734)


The week of Sun Jul 10, 2011 to Sat Jul 16, 2011
1. Hospitals, Doctors, Physicians (1957)
2. Health Food, Restaurants (1929)
3. Health Practitioners (1867)
4. Healing Techniques (1856)
5. Hawaiian Experience (1830)
6. Education & Spirituality (1812)
7. Fitness & Activities (1798)
8. Natural Products (1757)
9. Accommodations (1728)
10. Transportation (1705)
11. Environment & Community (1685)
12. Green Business Directory (1680)
13. Organic Farms & Resources (HOFA) (1)


The week of Sun Jul 10, 2011 to Sat Jul 16, 2011
1. All Islands (32544)
2. Big Island (15730)
3. Oahu (12756)
4. Kauai (12476)
5. Maui (8491)
6. Molokai (1864)
7. Lanai (613)


The week of Sun Jul 10, 2011 to Sat Jul 16, 2011
1. Restaurants (12835)
2. Yoga Classes (3569)
3. Yoga Workshops & Retreats (2019)
4. Massage, Neuromuscular (1865)
5. Spiritual Healing (1600)
6. Acupuncturists (1317)
7. Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants (724)
8. Healing Retreats (718)
9. Restaurants, Healthy Choices (562)
10. Meditation (551)
11. Massage Therapists (LMT) (532)
12. Massage (479)
13. Natural Foods (410)
14. Business Consulting (318)
15. Alternative & Complementary Medicine (267)
16. Health Products, Retail (243)
17. Hospitals, Health Centers & Clinics (235)
18. Shiatsu (234)
19. Lomi Lomi Massage (229)
20. Retreats, Travel (223)
21. Car Rentals (222)
22. Massage, Therapeutic (221)
23. Sacred Site Tours (212)
24. AquaCranial Therapy (210)
25. Clinics, Medical (208)
26. Spiritual Counseling (208)
27. Holistic Counseling (207)
28. Hospitals (205)
29. Marriage & Relationship Counseling (203)
30. Exercise & Movement Classes (203)
31. Chiropractors (202)
32. Crisis Intervention (198)
33. Professional Burnout (193)
34. Aura Balancing (190)
35. Herbs (189)
36. Vitamins (188)
37. Anti-Aging Therapy (186)
38. Noni (184)
39. Death & Dying (183)
40. Supplements (182)
41. Romantic Hideaways (175)
42. Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT) (175)
43. Vacation Rentals (173)
44. Artists & Galleries (173)
45. Medicinal Plants & Herbs (172)
46. Sustainable Seafood (172)
47. Jyotish Vedic Medical Astrology (169)
48. Tours, Sacred Sites (169)
49. Qigong (167)
50. Retreat Facilities (166)
51. Yoga Teachers (166)
52. Gardening & Farming (162)
53. Tours (162)
54. Ocean View (159)
55. Home Healthcare Services (157)
56. Publications & Books (156)
57. Pregnancy Services (155)
58. Health Spas (154)
59. Spiritual Practices (152)
60. Energy Healing (152)
61. Dance, Studios & Instruction (150)
62. Alcohol & Drug Abuse Treatment (148)
63. Birth Control Information (147)
64. Tai Chi (147)
65. Restaurants, Vegetarian (146)
66. Spas and Retreats (143)
67. Medical Facilities (143)
68. Educational Tours (143)
69. Health Foods, Stores & Markets (142)
70. Holistic Health, Practitioners (141)
71. Acupuncture (141)
72. Organic, Foods (140)
73. Snorkel & Scuba Dive (138)
74. Weddings & Ceremonies (136)
75. Health Foods, Cafe & Delis (131)
76. Colon Hydrotherapy (131)
77. Day Spa (130)
78. Women's Health (129)
79. Eggs, Organic Free Range (129)
80. Pain Management (128)
81. Support Groups (127)
82. Health & Fitness, Clubs & Spas (126)
83. Kava - Awa (126)
84. Hiking Tours (126)
85. Food Supplements (125)
86. La'au Lapa'au (124)
87. Coconuts (123)
88. Cooking Classes (123)
89. Personal Training (122)
90. Massage, Lomi Lomi (122)
91. Yoga (122)
92. Ho'oponopono Training (121)
93. Dialysis Care (119)
94. Botanical Gardens (119)
95. Weight Management (118)
96. Eco Tours (118)
97. Scuba Diving (118)
98. Primary Care (115)
99. Emergency Medicine (114)
100. Facilities for Rent, Workshops (114)

To update your website text as you renew, simply email














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