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Lanai Health Talk HTA funds Health & Wellness in Hawaii

HTA funds Health & Wellness in Hawaii
Hawaii Health founders Katherine Fisher and Michael Saiz recently received $35,000 SPEP matching funds from the Hawaii Tourism Authority to promote Hawaii�s Health and Wellness communities.

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Hawaii Health receives 2005 SPEP Health & Wellness funding. A $35,000 1:1 matching State Product Enrichment (SPEP) grant was awarded from the Hawaii Tourism Authority. The funds are to be used to continue pioneering development and promotion of Health & Wellness in Hawaii, through the online website

Health & Wellness Tourism is the newest niche market recently targeted for support by the Hawaii State Legislature.

Health & Wellness Tourism joins Agri-Tourism, Eco-Tourism and Edu-Tourism as specific areas of interest to visitors and benefits Hawaii's people, communities and culture.

The $70,000 Hawaii Health Guide statewide project now underway will include a new Japanese -friendly version of the site and offer listing translation services and promotion in Japan. Expanded development and international promotion of the Hawaii Health online Directory, Events Calendar and HealthTalk and e-mail newsletters are scheduled over the year.

This 2005 statewide promotion will further assist Hawaii's Health & Wellness communities, by continuing to provide a unified searchable resource, and expanded promotion of the Hawaii Health Guide to both local residents seeking health resources, as well as mainland and international travelers planning their vacations online.

Making Progress for Health & Wellness in Hawaii
This 2005 funding continues the progress of the previous 2003 and 2004 and CPEP grants received from Maui, Oahu and Kauai County Offices of Economic Development for independent development and promotional efforts of the unique island guides. The revised provides a unified portal for each of the unique island guides such as

Kauai Health Guide receives $15,000 CPEP grant in 2005
Matching funding from Kauai Office of Economic Development for support of the following Health & Wellness Events:
Kauai Health Expo with Inspiration Journal .
Holistic Business Training workshop for health and wellness practitioners with Stephen Theo.
Kauai Healing Garden: weeklong symposium, botanical tours, workshops and classes on traditional uses of medicinal plants.
Kauai Diabetes Awareness Day in conjunction with Kauai Peace Project. CEU for health professionals. Diet and lifestyle workshops for community and family

Connecting Visitors and Residents
Over 1,500 unique visitors a day currently use Hawaii Health to locate a variety of personal services such as lomi lomi massage, physicians, acupuncturists, healthy dining, health retreat centers, and to learn about or locate a wide variety of community services such as farmer�s markets, hospitals and clinics, hospice care, dialysis centers, and yoga classes.

Over 3,000 businesses, services and health practitioners are listed in the searchable Directory.

Events Calendar
Local communities can promote events to residents and visitors with the widely used searchable community event calendar:

Health Talk
Health related articles and Hawaii-related personal, community and environmental news is also available

RSS Feed
To link to Health News in Hawaii Copy and paste this link into your RSS reader:

Hawaii Health Guide website benefits small business in Hawaii
"The Health & Wellness niche market is generally made of small businesses or individuals that are positive contributors to our communities, economy and environment." said co-founder Katherine Fisher We want these businesses to succeed and thrive. So we have created an on-line community to spotlight their businesses with features, content and directory listings.

Internet Use by Travelers is Growing
More than 55% of mainland, and international travelers to Hawaii use the Internet to plan a portion of their experience here. The Hawaii Health web portal alone receives over 8,000 page views a day. A business listed in one of the 10 searchable Directories is available to a worldwide audience already interested in experiencing or learning more about health in Hawaii.

Success with Internet Tools
�Now that the Hawaii Health Guide is mature and established as the #1 Health & Wellness website for all of Hawaii, we are working on expanding the outreach and the Japanese language component with new technology, to insure that all health practitioners and communities have access to this opportunity. Said Technology Director, Michael Saiz. "We are in the process of selecting quality community and professional partnerships to help the project evolve to the next level. Kauai and the other individual islands now have equal representation and everyone contributes to this project as their business and Hawaii Health Guide grow together"

Hawaii's Health-oriented Businesses are invited to participate:
~ Take advantage of the grant cycle in time to benefit from upcoming statewide, national, international and Japanese promotional campaigns :
~ Include services in the Directory listings.
~ Prepare Japanese translation of listings for those businesses who wish to be included in Japanese friendly site
~ Post upcoming events in time for allowing for travel planning. 30-60 days is suggested.
~ Contribute informative articles to Health Talk to help educate the public to types of modalities and services available in Hawaii.

Several pricing options are available.
Text listings include unlimited text, URL and contact info and 3 categories are $150/year
Image listings with 3 graphics, unlimited text, URL and contact info and 3 categories are available for $240/annual. Listings can be easily added from the "add listing" link located on

Sponsorship Available
Businesses, organizations and non-profits are invited to support the 1:1 matching grant with tax deductible, in-kind services, donations, and sponsorships opportunities. Advertising on the Hawaii Health Guide is available on Health Talk and Events Calendar. Please contact for rate info.

For more information contact Hawaii Health Guide at 808-638-0888 or


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