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Lanai Health Talk Hawaii Health Guide now available in RSS Feed

Hawaii Health Guide now available in RSS Feed

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RSS Feed is now available for the HealthTalk section of website.

What is RSS?
Ever wish for a faster way to read what's new on your favorite Web sites or news source?
A popular solution is RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
RSS is a system that lets you quickly find out when Web sites have posted new or updated information. Using a software program that you install for free on your computer (called a news reader or aggregator), you can subscribe -- nearly always for free -- to Web sites that offer RSS 'feeds.'
Once subscribed, just check your news reader program to easily browse updated content on your favorite Web sites that offer RSS feeds. It provides an easy format to view information without ads or distractions. When you want to read more on a topic, you click the link to take you to the source.

Already have an RSS reader?
We invite you to add Hawaii Health Guide Health Talk RSS feed to your daily RSS reader.
Hawaii Health Talk RSS feed.
Note: (If you do not have an RSS reader installed, you will not be able to use the format of this information yet)
But don't worry, it is free, and easy to install an RSS reader on your computer. Many people find it useful and efficient to use an RSS reader to scan news, and stay informed.

Need an RSS News reader?
There are Free RSS news reader programs for most types of computers:
See related links to locate and download the RSS reader for your computer type: Once you have installed your RSS news reader, you can begin subscribing to feeds, and reading RSS format. Some news readers come with a list of feeds already set, but you can easily build your own personalized sets. In Hawaii both major newspapers provide news in RSS feed format. (Not all RSS feeds are from mainstream news organizations. Many are from small special-interest publications, newsletters and individual Web logs

To subscribe to the Hawaii Health Guide's RSS feed, Start your news reader and follow its instructions to subscribe to new feeds.
Then paste or type in this URL:

How to Submit an article for publication:
Hawaii Health Guide listors and community are invited to submit informative articles to After your article is published, it is quickly searchable by Google and Yahoo and other search engines and archived for one year. Your byline and URL links to similar articles are included in the article. Upon publication, your article will also be included in the Hawaii Health Guide RSS news feed at the same time.

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Go to and Click "Tell a Friend" (upper left corner-flower)
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